Discover 5 Unique Easter Traditions in the Caribbean

Easter in St Lucia

Go eat some Easter bun! Go to church! Fly a kite!Easter is a perfect time to vacation in the Caribbean.  The March break crowds have gone, the beautiful dry season has begun, and the weather is simply gorgeous. The Easter weekend is celebrated with great fanfare, good food and good fun. Visitors can expect to marvel in the unconventional traditions of the islands. Many of the Easter customs stem from the region’s deep seated Christian beliefs and make for an interesting discovery.

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St. Lucia Independence – 40 years and growing strong.

banner with 40th independence logo and woman face painted with color of the st. Lucian flag

St. Lucia is an Island nation with a unique story of both turmoil and perseverance. This year, the Island Marks its 40th anniversary of independence on February 22nd. Celebrating the transition from where it was to where it is presently.

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Wonders of the Caribbean: St.Lucian Yellow Poui Tree

“It’s hard to miss the poui tree with its brilliant yellow flowers as it appears in full bloom, by magic one day. Then a few days later, it flutters silently, carpeting the ground, in ones or twos, like flakes of snow.” The Yellow Poui, one of St. Lucia’s most spectacular trees, originated in…

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Christmas Traditions in St. Lucia

As Christmas nears, red flaming poinsettias plants bloom in profusion all over our picturesque island, Christmas lights sparkle, soft melodious sounds of Christmas carols, parang (Christmas music from Trinidad), steel band music and the never ending Christmas parties are everywhere.  As this…

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Saint Lucia Celebrates 36 years of Independence

Islandwide there is a sense of national pride as St. Lucians prepare to celebrate our nation’s 36th independence on 22 February.  During this time, the island’s elegant national flag is flown at every street corner.  Cultural tradition is re-enacted as students prepare for the annual…

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Creole Heritage Month in Saint Lucia

Creole Heritage Month, launched 30 years ago, is designed to showcase the island’s rich history and cultural identity.  It is a time where nationals and visitors alike participate in a program of celebrations, cultural demonstrations and musical performances.  In the rural communities,…

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