Christmas in Saint Lucia

Christmas in Caribbean

Bright window displays, the mouthwatering aroma of Christmas black cake in the air, and the familiar sound of bamboo bursting in the distance can only mean one thing. A good St. Lucian Christmas. While there aren’t any chimneys for Santa to climb down, St. Lucians still ensure that all presents are delivered on time every year and everyone thoroughly enjoys their Christmas.

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October is Creole Heritage Month in St. Lucia

October is designated as Creole Heritage Month on our beautiful island, heralding the call for nationals and visitors alike to celebrate those things uniquely St.Lucian. In business places around the island one will see traditional items on display, including the widespread use of Madras cloth i

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St.Lucian Easter Celebrations

Easter in St.Lucia is a spiritual, warm and welcoming experience. It is celebrated with church services and festive meals and, as usual, West Indian traditions add a unique touch to both secular and spiritual celebrations. Good Friday is marked by Catholic services island wide, somber…

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