Kenya Moore and Ludacris Visit Saint Lucia

Kenya Moore and Ludacris Visits Saint Lucia
‘Kenya Moore and Ludacris Visit Saint Lucia’

Just a few weeks after ‘Real housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore tied her knots on Island, Saint Lucia was also visited by celebrity Ludacris and his Partner. Saint Lucia has been admired by some of the world’s most well-known Celebrities and networks including Queen Latifah , Ellie Goulding and CNN which recently featured Saint Lucia twice. From Weddings to Vacations, Jazz and Music Festivals, there is no doubt that this island lives up to its expectations.

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“Elevate Yourself” on St. Lucia

“Health and Cheerfulness Naturally Beget Each Other”.  ~Joseph Addison Wellness is a relatively new concept that expands our idea of health. Beyond the simple presence or absence of disease, wellness refers to optimal health and vitality—to living life to its fullest. The importance of…

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