Carnival on St. Lucia

Over the weekend, the island hosted one its premiere events, St. Lucian Carnival.

Carnival, from the Latin expression “Carnem levare” (to remove the meat), was originally held in the month of February, two days prior to the commencement of lent, a time of solemn fast. Conversely, the event now commences in the month of June and ends in mid July. This change was made in an effort to attract more visitors during this period of the year.

The event launches with the typical “Opening of Carnival” and the season persists with customary style of lyrical music as Calypso arenas are set up, Soca shows are held and Carnival Queen Pageants are hosted. The grande finale of the Saint Lucian Carnival comprises of the “J’Ouvert” or “Daybreak” on Sunday night, followed by the two-day street parade of the bands. On Monday and Tuesday the city of Castries is an explosion of colours and sounds, as the glitter and shimmer of the costumes worn by the revelers are displayed on the route from Choc Bay to Castries.