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A Saint Lucian Foodie Guide

Are you a Foodie Traveler?

For most travelers, food is the most important aspect when visiting a foreign country; especially the Caribbean. Known for its variety of different  flavors, every Caribbean island is unique in it’s very own way. Let’s talk Saint Lucia!

Saint Lucians and their culture on a whole, has had a big influence on the rich local cuisine that the island has to offer. From days gone-by, some of the local dishes are still enjoyed in the more rural communities; particularly the eastern and western parts of the island. Such dishes like Bouillon, Bakes (Fried Bread) and even Accra (Cod Fish fritters) continue to be part of the lifestyle of almost every Saint Lucian. Indulging in the Saint Lucian Culinary Experience an absolute must when travelling to the Island.

Here are a few Must-Try’s for the Foodie Travelers:


Internationally known as Cod Fish fritter, is a typical example of the combination of Saint Lucia’s locally grown herbs used to make delicacies. Made with shredded Salted Cod fish, herbs, peppers and white flour, this is usually served as an appetizer or snack with some ice-cold local juice.

Caribbean Cocoa Tea

The Famous Saint Lucian cocoa tea is at the helm of hot drinks in the Caribbean. This is a traditional breakfast treat, produced from the same ingredient that is used by Chocolate-makers around the world, cocoa. And No! Its not a ‘Hot-Chocolate’, it’s warm, its smooth and its a lot richer unless some milk is added to it. This tea is usually served with hot bakes also referred to as fried bread and some salted cod fish as sides, along with cucumber salad and not forgetting the famous West Indian hot pepper.

Green Fig and Saltfish

Known as the National Dish of Saint Lucia, Green fig and Saltfish is a must-try when visiting the Island. This meal is prepared with boiled green bananas and shredded salted cod fish. Of-course, a Saint Lucian meal is not complete without the local herbs, so the special local spices of Saint Lucia will be added to the Cod- Fish for Flavor. Just as the cocoa tea is complemented by local sides like cucumber salad and fried bakes, this meal is never complete without a slice of avocado, which adds a burst of flavor to the dish.


No matter where around the world you are, a soup is never the same as the last place you visited. The Bouillon, what is more commonly referred to as peas soup or broth is a special part of the Saint Lucian lifestyle. Persons who do not favor Green fig and Salted Cod Fish would definitely favor this food. This is a soup like dish prepared with lentils, peas or beans, ground provisions, dumplings and seasoning. Usually completed with salted-pigtail or other cuts of meats, this is one meal that foodie travelers will definitely enjoy.

Cassava Cake

One Saint Lucian snack that is favored by many including children, is the Cassava Cake. This snack is made from a long, starchy root vegetable called Cassava and is quite an experience if you are fortunate enough to witness the production process during your stay on Saint Lucia. This comes in a variety of flavors; Cherry, Coconut, Golden Apple, Raisins and even Salted Cod Fish. A small round bread like treat that is crispy on the outside and slightly ‘gooey’ on the inside.

Now that you have an idea of the ‘Must-Try’s’ I am sure you have spotted the pattern. In Saint Lucia a Foodie traveler can expect Salted Cod Fish to be used as an ingredient in all if not a majority of the local Saint Lucian snacks. There are many other delicacies that were not mentioned, however, when you arrive on Island be sure to try as much as you can. Be open to explore the Saint Lucian Lifestyle on a Culinary Experience.


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