A drive along the east coast, then inland, brings you to the welcome center situated in the heart of the rain forest.

This is a thrilling adventure, with nothing to compare as you zip along 500 ft lengths of cable at heights ranging from 30 ft to 50 ft.

Enjoy a bird’s eye view as you zip through 9 platforms, glide over the tree tops, across rivers and feel the thrill of “flying” through lush tropical vegetation. Reawaken your sense of adventure on this stunningly breathtaking ride, which will leave you with a renewed appreciation of nature. Return to the start up point, to join the bus for the ride back to the hotel.

Tip: Closed comfortable walking shoes are mandatory. Wear shorts or trousers-no dresses or skirts. Individual weight restricted to 350 lbs. Tour is for the physically fit only and not recommended for persons with back injuries,physical disabilities including heart and respiratory problems or pregnant women.

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$100 USD
(Per Person)
Duration: 4 Hours
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